The Lord Has the Final Word
1 We humans make plans,
but the Lord
has the final word.
2 We may think we know
what is right,
but the Lord is the judge
of our motives.
3 Share your plans with the Lord,
and you will succeed.

4 The Lord has a reason
for everything he does,
and he lets evil people live
only to be punished.
5 The Lord doesn't like
anyone who is conceited—
you can be sure
they will be punished.
6 If we truly love God,
our sins will be forgiven;
if we show him respect,
we will keep away from sin.
7 When we please the Lord,
even our enemies
make friends with us.
8 It's better to be honest
and poor
than to be dishonest
and rich.

9 We make our own plans,
but the Lord decides
where we will go.
10 Rulers speak with authority
and are never wrong.
11 The Lord watches to see
if we are fair
or if we cheat others.
12 Justice makes rulers powerful.
They should hate evil
13 and like honesty and truth.
14 An angry ruler
can put you to death.
So be wise!
Don't make one angry.
15 When a ruler is happy
and pleased with you,
it's like refreshing rain,
and you will live.

16 It's much better to be wise
and sensible
than to be rich.
17 God's people avoid evil ways,
and they protect themselves
by watching where they go.
18 Too much pride
will destroy you.
19 You are better off
to be humble and poor
than to get rich
from what you take by force.
20 If you know what you're doing,
you will prosper.
God blesses everyone
who trusts him.
21 Good judgment proves
that you are wise,
and if you speak kindly,
you can teach others.
22 Good sense is a fountain
that gives life,
but fools are punished
by their foolishness.
23 You can persuade others
if you are wise
and speak sensibly.

24 Kind words are like honey—
they cheer you up
and make you feel strong.
25 Sometimes what seems right
is really a road to death.
26 The hungrier you are,
the harder you work.
27 Worthless people plan trouble.
Even their words burn
like a flaming fire.
28 Gossip is no good!
It causes hard feelings
and comes between friends.

29 Don't trust violent people.
They will mislead you
to do the wrong thing.
30 When someone winks
or grins behind your back,
trouble is on the way.
31 Gray hair is a glorious crown
worn by those
who have lived right.
32 Controlling your temper
is better than being a hero
who captures a city.
33 We make our own decisions,
but the Lord alone
determines what happens.