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In order to fulfill our mission in translation, production and distribution, we need financial, spiritual, social as well as material support.

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  • Why translation? (a) Every person must hear God speaking in their own language, (b) Language is dynamic (changes with time), (c) the Bible was originally written in Hebrew (Old Testament), Greek (New Testament) and Aramaic (some parts). It is only scholars who understand these languages.
  • Today the full Bible, New Testaments and Portions has been translated into more than 3, 500 languages worldwide.
  • History of the Sesotho Bible Translation

1839 – Mark and John booklets

1855 – New Testament

1883 – the Bible – Old Translation

1976 – New Testament and Psalms

1989 – the Bible – New Translation

1992 – the Bible – New Translation with Apocrypha (Deuterocanonical books)